About Plaza Merdeka

Plaza Merdeka, since opening its doors, has since been a proud member of the revitalization of Kuching’s historic district. Plaza Merdeka has added life vibrancy & excitement to the landmark site.

Located in the heart of Kuching city, steps from the magnificent & bustling waterfront; Nearby is Chinatown with its quaint streets, numerous temples, the renowned Sarawak Museum, the old State Mosque with its five golden domes, pre-World War One shops and streets brimming with history and other noteworthy heritage buildings too numerous to mention.


The Plaza has a gross area of 550,000 square feet with a nettlettable area of 350,000 sqft and is a prime shopping destination for locals and tourists alike with its impressive range of shops, whichcaters to the diverse taste of individual shoppers.

Our flagship store: parkson



Ample vehicle parking is spread over 6 acres is provided for on levels P1 & P2 with multiple access points to the Plaza. Vehicular access is smooth through the well-designed entries and exit points that are integrated into the area’s traffic flows. The ample parking serves to enhance the pedestrian flow of the surrounding vibrant retail streets.

Complementing the Plaza is the newly opened boutique business & tourist hotel named The Waterfront Hotel. The Waterfront Hotel, situated above the Plaza will have a panoramic view of the river, The Astana, the State Legislative or Dewan Undangan Negeri building & Fort Margherita on one side and Padang Merdeka and Sarawak Museum on the other. It will be housed over eight levels and will feature exquisitely designed interiors with state of the art connectivity for the discerning business traveler and tourist. It will be an integrated component of the complex and will complement the area to enhance its potential as a destination in the heart of the City!

For the full list of shops, please refer to our Store Directory.

"This modern, state-of-the-art Shopping Mall is within a classical building façade that is adding life, vibrancy and excitement to Kuching City."


Plaza Merdeka is proud to announce that its Conceptual Design Architect Yolanda David-Reyes is included in the Gusi Peace Prize International Laureate alongside with 4 heads of states and Prince of Saudi Arabia namely current President Rajkeswur Purryag (Mauritius), former President Dr. Emil Constantinescu (Romania), former President Arnold Ruutel (Estonia), former Prime Minister Imam Al-Saddig Al-Saddig Abdel Rahman Al-Mahdi (Sudan), and Prince Bandar Khalid Bin Faisal Al Saud (Saudi Arabia). Plaza Merdeka congratulates Ms. Yolanda David - Reyes on her exemplary effort and contributions.