Nearby Attraction

Strategic Location

Overall, what vigorously enhances the extravagance and commercial value of Merdeka Plaza is its location in the Central Business District, which incidentally is where the old city centre was. This accounts for the plaza’s high occupancy rate, which is going to need its retail space to be further enlarged in the near future.


One recent value-added feature to its neighborhood that is fast making it to become a tourist mecca is the completion of the covering India Street Pedestrian Mall and the ongoing construction of Golden S-shaped bridge plus the several more significant nearby projects in the planning stages.


As a mid to upper market mall catering to the urban lifestyle of working executives, students, families and tourists, Plaza Merdeka is certainly a prime shopping destination in Kuching City.

The mall can be described as being located right in the midst of where the action is. Right in the thick of the hustle and bustle of city life, that is. Nearby, are the quaint and archival Carpenter Street and India Street while the scenic Kuching Waterfront and the Museum are within walking distances.